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The Jupyto platform has provided an environment where users can start processing artificial intelligence models that require a graphics card or high processing power with the latest available hardware.

Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is one of the most widely used programming environments for data science and artificial intelligence, which can be accessed as quickly as possible.

Dedicated servers

The servers in the Jupyto infrastructure data center use the latest available hardware and have unique performance.

Software infrastructure

The necessary software to run your codes will be at your disposal without losing your time.

Cloud storage

The platform has made it possible to store its data on cloud disks, which are available on all existing services with the speed of 10 Gigabits.


All available services are protected by powerful firewalls and provide full access to users.

Unlimited internet

The Jupyto platform allows you to use the Internet without any restrictions for using sites such as Kaggle, Nvidia, etc

Train your AI

One of the main goals of this platform is related to artificial intelligence processes that users can have to train their models.

  • All services provided are Ai Ready and support CUDA cores
  • Ready to use Tensorflow and Pytorch in services
  • Providing Jupyter NoteBook with GPU capability

A suitable platform for processing large data

Due to the existence of cloud disks and easy data storage, this environment has provided suitable space for the platform to process large data.

  • SAS disks as storage
  • Fast access to data on the network
  • Security in datasets and processing results in cloud disks

Maximum power with dedicated servers

By providing its services on dedicated servers, the Jupyto platform can provide users with maximum power and processing power.

  • The possibility of using hardware maximum power
  • Providing servers with 1 and 10 Gigabit ports
  • Updated AMD processors and Nvidia graphics cards

Expand your processing

With the use of provided infrastructure, you can have an access to a variety of distributed computing frameworks, processing pools, etc., including Ray and Spark, and complete your project faster.

  • 10 Gigabit communication links
  • DDR4 memories with high working frequency
  • Nvidia 3000 and A series graphics cards
  • AMD Ryzen processors with a high frequency of 4.5 GHz

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JupyterLab development environment

Jupyter is one of the popular environments among professionals who work in fields like data mining, machine learning, deep learning, etc. You can create this program with just one click! All the necessary tools have been prepared for you.

Other facilities

VPN infrastructure

One of the basic needs of users has been taken into account in this platform, which is the limitation of internet services, and for this problem, it has placed internet sanctions bypassing services in its infrastructure.


You can raise your problems at any hour of the day and night by creating a ticket and receive your answer as soon as possible.


We have always tried to have reasonable pricing in Jupyto and also made our services pay-as-you-go (PaaS) so that users can complete their projects at the lowest possible cost.

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Special discount for students

You, dear students, can prepare the available services with an educational grant and use them to advance your academic goals. To use this possibility, register on the site and create a support ticket.